Feb. 14th, 2016

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You just had to get caught up in those thoughts. Today, even, when in that stupid game I'm alone. Yeah, okay, E's there but that's not the alone I mean and you know it!


Right, fine, we'll use your logic and look at the topic. Yeah, it's true. I would have never dated Ben if we didn't need to have one of us in the front row. It would have been Evie we'd have fixed the love spell for if it wasn't dangerous for someone without magic to hold a magic wand. But that... No, can't argue with the logic, we're doing logic.

You're right. Without the love spell, dating Ben would have never been a thought I would have entertained, let alone actually hoped for. Boyfriends were never a thing I considered. Dating wasn't a thing I considered, because I didn't think about things I didn't want.

Which means, yeah, logically speaking, you're right. It comes from nowhere. Even without the logic, me actually liking Ben back feels odd somehow. I swear, it's that game, I wouldn't have started thinking about this if you hadn't put me in there. Ben's nice, and sweet, and he actually likes me. All of me, good and bad. He did from... from the moment I showed up.

... Yeah, okay, I think I get it now. Something is really not ringing right here, and it's not just Disney romance, is it?

I hate it when you use logic on me.

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