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2035-12-31 05:30 pm


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Mal (18)
Daughter of Maleficent. Rotten to the core. I think. Guess I'm trying to work out that stuff out. Swipe if you think you can deal.


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2015-10-19 05:24 pm

Dear-Mun Post 001

Mun is considering eudio

So... you're this Mun-person, right? With the whole 'I play you, so you do as I say' deal type thing?

Yeah, let's get it clear. I don't do what others want me to. I've done the following orders from an evil overlady and when it's your own Mom, it kind of makes Christmas dinners a bit awkward. I don't mind doing stuff, but some of what you're thinking? Yeah. Not me. Especially not this... physical affection place. I don't do hugs, I barely do fist-bumps.

Also, this whole "all Fae are related" shtick you're on... You do know that's not how it works? Especially with the whole crossing companies bit that comes into it; I don't think the big boss is going to like that one. Whatever. Guess it's not completely terrible to have a family member who isn't pure evil and might actually put some effort into pretending like they care. 

I feel like we need to get you a better name. Mun is not cutting it for me. Would Annoyance do?
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